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SoundstageUltra Review • YBA Passion Pre+DAC 550A

"Dynamics were powerful, yet subtle when required, and fast. The quietness Iíd already noted let me hear a lot of detail -- real detail, not the fake detail created by goosing up the high frequencies. Speaking of the highs, they were open and extended, with plenty of sparkle."

"Orchestral color was just gorgeous, with fully developed harmonics making the RLP sound rich and natural. I recently auditioned a DAC that made it difficult to distinguish between the solo violin and cello. The PRE550A had no such problem. Orchestral violins had a rich sheen, with abundant high-frequency extension."

To hear how the YBA reproduced a solo instrument, I cued up Ottmar Liebertís One Guitar (24/96 FLAC, Spiral Subwave/HDtracks).
The detailed realism the YBA PRE550A retrieved from this high-resolution recording was amazing. It reproduced the sound of Liebertís guitar incredibly well -- not only the notes, but also the extraneous noises inevitably produced by a guitar being played by a master. Notes were harmonically complete, attacks and decays were extremely lifelike, and some of the initial transients were startling in their forcefulness"

"YBAís Passion PRE550A lived up to its French origin by producing unfailingly beautiful, realistic sound. Its extended highs were gorgeously smooth, with nary a bit of peakiness. The midrange was very detailed and harmonically rich -- little to grumble about there.
Very highly recommended."

Heritage A200 Integrated + DAC (USB-C & DSD) + Bluetooth
Heritage PH100 MC/MM Phono w/Step-Up Transformer
Hi-Fi News "Highly Commended" Review
YBA "Genesis" CD4 CDPlayer
YBA "Passion" A650 Amplifier
YBA "Passion" Pre550A Preamp+DualMono DAC

OCC Silver & OCC Copper
Round & Rectangular Conductors
Terminated By Neotech
OCC Silver - Rectangular - Cryo
$6700 - 2m/pr

NES-1002 Series
OCC Silver - Round
$3500 - 2m/pr