Created in Rome and hand crafted by Italian craftsmen, Exelion produces loudspeakers that combines true, reference level drivers and stunningly finished solid wood cabinets for the midrange magic of a Guarneri, the detail & speed of  Magico...and more.

AMT (Air Motion Transformer) tweeter - arguably the finest tweeter ever created for the ultimate in transparency, detail, speed and open space. Exelion uses the latest generation of this legendary folded ribbon.

Nano-Carbon Technology - I.M.N. (Isotact Matrix Nano)
Mid/Bass drivers w/ALNICO magnets for speed and detail. Exelion uses the latest generation of this advanced driver from an ultra-high end French OEM.

Cabinets - SOLID WOOD using different timbers with front & rear panels sloped 5 to eliminate internal standing waves. Additionally, the internal walls are coated to further kill any remaining noise.

Crossover - Carefully designed to transparently blend the drivers using reference level components. Easy to drive 8-ohm impedance.

Transmission slot for tight, detailed bass for accurate musicality and a crystal clear midrange without bass bloat coloration.

Finish - 14 layers of Piano Gloss Lacquer in Piano Black or Piano White. Also, dark wood veneer is available.
38 ~ 38Khz
35 ~ 38Khz
30 ~ 38Khz
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