Stereo 2x200w/8ohms Mono 600W 1,000VA UI-Core
Mono 1x200w/8ohms 1,000VA UI-Core (each channel)
Line; Phono; Dual-Mono CS4398 DAC
CD Pro2 Blue Diode systemDual-MonoDAC Coax Out

Signature Series - Custom YBA Transformer

• Double C-Core Grain oriented
• 50-micron intertwined layers
• Injected with a special varnish
• 48-hr Vacuum press at 100°C
• Dead quiet - musical resonance lowered to zero
• Far superior performance vs Toroidal designs
Lars Christian Lchen
June 5, 2015 (Facebook)
Signature "review"
"I ordered YBA Signature preamp, 2 (mono) poweramps and CD-player one year ago. The sound is just perfect with Magnepan
speakers. I have owned a lot of extremely expensive equipment earlier, but nothing of it is able to match the YBA sound."
Signature Amplifier
tmh audio
Tel: 937-439-2667
Signature Preamp-DAC
Signature CD Player/CD Transport
Signature Monoblocks
1x200w/ch (8ohms)
CNC 2-pc Aluminum Block

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