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Gateway 2 Power Conditioner
A State-of- the-Art Clean Power Supplier! It perfects the quality of power, and supplies supremely clean power to your hi-end audio and video systems.

80A high-performing choke incorporated
All parts treated cryogenically
12 AWG multi-strand silver and solid-core copper used in internal wiring
Extra-thick platinum-plated socket and IEC male with cryogenic treatment
Internal space filled with damping materials to reduce resonance and unwanted vibration
Ultra thick chassis, made from a single block of top-grade aluminium alloy, with state of the art craftsmanship
S-60A Dual Magnetic Conditioner
2 sets of Special made 60A power magnetic conduit for delicate power filtration
10mm aluminium-alloy front panel and thick chassis to blocks EMI/RF interference
Extra-thick gold-plated outlet and IEC male with cryogenic treatment
All internal conductors is cryogenic treated
Spiral internal wiring , effectively soften the sudden high current impact
3 sets of efficient compensation circuit to enhance the electricity flows and supplies
Lower chassis chamber filled with damping materials to reduce resonance and unwanted vibration
30 amp high quality circuit breaker with cryogenic treatment
Lightning and surge protection
Sockets panel is shielded with copper plate in order to block electromagnetic interference
12 AWG solid-core copper x 4 is used in internal wiring
Independence ground connector
Vertically placement is also allowed to fit with different home environments
Mega-X Distributor
Unique 25mm + 25mm extra thick aircraft-grade chassis, that shields any EMI and RF interference
3 sets of top-grade SINE Nano platinum sockets are fitted into the precise CNC-machine-crafted structure. No screws are needed to fix the sockets and IECsocket into the chassis. This elimilated all unwanted vibration within the chassis and hence enhances the audio system's performance.
12 AWG solid core pure copper of superb quality with mica shielding are used for internal wiring
All conductors had been annealed at +800C and then cryogenically treated at -196C . This thermal cycle brings the material to a structurally perfect condition
Sockets are plated with Nano platinum, offering excellent conductivity
Lightning and surge protection