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tmh audio
Tel: 937-439-2667
S-60A Conditioner + Coliseum II Power Cord

Once the DAC is connected to the S-60A output, it is the details precision and the aeration effect that comes jumps to the ears. Not that the listening was a bit clogged before, but the SINE seems to “clean the car windscreen”. Everything is neater; in particular the guitar bass line is better cut out and better held. As the Swiss poetess says in her song, the wind carries the interpreters, on a more aerated scene which seems to have a greater size and which remains always well proportioned. We lose a bit of legato but we significantly gain on analysis. When one adds the stereo bloc at the back of the SINE, the improvement is smaller but quite real with a notably more tonic and well anchored bass.

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Coliseum II Speaker Cable + Ella Interconnect

Already listened to when we tested the Nautilus speakers, these cables have this time been tested on our reference system. The numerous tests can be summarized in one word : a revelation !
Those cables show a level of speed rarely reached and of a level of transparency going much farther than most of other cables. We have appreciated the harmonic richness of the restitution. The harpsichord in “Clercks” from the Gogol Suite album has never sounded as good as that, more precise and alive than it has ever been before. We come to the same conclusion when we listen to extracts from the Massala group, in the harmonic content of the guitar virtuoso, Fred Mariolle. On all musical extracts we played, we have been able to enjoy the exemplary authenticity of the medium register, not only on the voices but also on all instruments of the same tessitura. The bass is produced with a high de­nition, a certain matter and a sort of fullness as musical as it is rare.
The story of SINE began when an audiophile in Hong Kong decided to share his poetic acoustics 'world' with those sharing the same dream.

POWER Makes the Difference. The ideal audio system cannot live without proper POWER. SINE's mission is to offer the best power supply for signal transmission. Our products will help to bring out the best of sensational experience.

SINE understands the science behind signal transmission - it lies in the whole of electric circuit.

SINE engineers pursue State-of-the-Art conductor purity

The KOSMOS alloy (sourced from space technology) offers higher conductivity than even silver or copper after SINE's exclusive process that ranges from +800 °C and then cryogenically treated at -196 °C

The Coliseum II's MONOsilver & MONOcopper that, after a similar process, offers greater purity than OCC.

In addition, carbon particles are frequently used to control micro-vibration and inline noise.

Platinum plated & Gold plated connectors add the finishing touches!

Louis Power Cord

The noise threshold seems to have lowered and the micro precision to have improved, enabling to hear most minute details which were not present before. On “Fade to Black” by Dire Straits, recorded with a good dose of reverberation, there is much air around the soundstage which spatial perspective is amplied. The bass guitar is better contained, with guitar chords much neater. The voice of Mark Knopler gains in clarity and in dynamic resolution, but seems maybe a little less carnal than before. It will be a question of taste for the future owner. The Louis power cable from SINE brings beneficial effects over a system restitution. It seems to clean the audio signal from a priori inaudible artefacts, which cannot be heard without this cable. Therefore, the definition improves, the dynamic amplifes, and the soundstage betters through a greater aeration and magnitude. A very honest cable in its restitution.
Cassio Power Cord

As soon as the play button was pressed, her sweet beautiful voice started to float in the air. The high-pitched part was bright and clear, and it by no means showed the slightest trace of screeching. When it came to the middle pitch, it was still pleasingly fresh, with vibrancy. Even at the most challenging section, 'Loving You', the cable still experienced no difficulties, giving a beautiful voice.

The ultimate test section began with 'Drum And Track Disc' by The Sheffield Lab. The results further proved Cassio's capability of mastering bass.
What it displayed was a mélange of speed, resilience, vibrancy.

From the test, SINE Cassio proved itself being nothing short of an awesome option. If its price is considered, so much the better.
The high pitch was amazingly sweet and clear; its vocals showed rich texture and full of life; the mastery over low pitch was beautifully expressed through speed and motion; at strong and heavy sessions, control and stability simply astonishes the audience. This power cable has what it takes to outperform many expensive and even ruinous models from foreign brands