Amplifier A6 Stereo 2x160W/8ohms • Linear PS 500VA UI-Core $4500
Pre5 + DAC 3 Analog + 5 Digital + Bluetooth + CS4398 DAC $5000
IA3 Int + DAC 2x105W/8ohms • 3 Analog + CS4398 DAC, USB, Bluetooth $3800
CD4 CDPlayer HD850 + Blue Diode® system • CS4398 DAC $3300
PH1 Phono Battery Power • MC/MM • YBA Custom MC Transformer $2200
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Genesis line introduced at 2014 Munich by Yves-Bernard André
Viewable in 1080HD & 720HD
tmh audio
Tel: 937-439-2667
Genesis PH-1 Phono - Battery Powered
2016 Munich Introduction
Yves-Bernard André Designed Custom MC Transformer
Viewable in 1080HD & 720HD

With the preamplifier/converter with his power block GENESIS YBA us again enjoy a very high level of musicianship, and
very close to the mythical references YBA Classic Alpha and Delta series.

Among the many qualities that characterize this set:
• The finesse and elegance
• The correctness of the tonality stamps
• The crystal clear transparency and the open soundstage
• The legendary fluidity
• The dynamics
• The sense of emotion

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Genesis A6 & Pre5/DAC
Review Excerpts
"In a brief talk with company founder Yves Bernard Andre, we learned that Andre feels that in some cases CD players can still outperform computer-based digital audio solutions, which explains why he has chosen to create the Genesis CD4 player."
Genesis IA3 Integrated + DAC
Genesis Pre5 Preamp/DAC

Genesis Pre5 Preamp+DAC
INPUTS: 3 Analog + 5 Digital + BlueTooth
Digital Inputs: USB, Coax, BNC, AES, Optical
Genesis A6 Stereo Amplifier
Stereo 2x160W/8ohms
Linear PS 500VA UI-Core
Genesis IA3 Integrated Amplifier + DAC
Stereo 2x105w/ch
INPUTS: 3 Analog + 2 Digital: USB, Coax + BT