tmh audio uses & HIGHLY recommends
Audio Art "Statement" AC Power Cords for all YBA electronics & available as an option.
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Statement power cable consists of three 10 awg conductors, 1,386 individual strands of exceptionally pure, silver-coated OFC copper.

These ultra high performance conductors are arrayed in a super low inductance, double-shielded construction, providing total immunity to noise, both low and high frequency alike.

tmh audio
Includes "pre burn-in" & shipping at no additional cost
Statement 1 w/Furutech FI-50 Rhodium connectors    $1,030 (1.5m)
Statement 2 w/Furutech FI-28 Rhodium connectors       $710 (1.5m)

The AAC Statement AC cords are very neutral and ultra-low noise to allow YBA's extraordinary transparency, speed (PRAT), resolution & life-like vividness to shine through!
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Statement 1
Statement 2