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tmh audio
Tel: 937-439-2667


Audio Analogue was born in that beautiful part of Tuscany between Pistoia, Lucca and Pisa in 1995. The synergy between experts of high fidelity, electronic engineers specialized in various fields of electronic design and sales managers with years of experience in various sectors could only create the base of what is Audio Analogue today: a company, but mostly a brand among the most renowned in Italy and around the world to satisfy the palates of the most demanding audiophiles.

To reproduce a musical event, means making it more enjoyable to listen and keep trying to convey the emotions wrapped in the execution of the author or performer.

The basic concept that we use for the design and development of our equipment and the target we set ourselves is to get so high fidelity compared to the live event, but above all what primarily interests us is to get the '"high musicality" and then listening pleasure over time.

This is the reason why in the early stages of the project, the latest refinements are always those made "by ear" and that is just taking long listening sessions and going to touch those who are in our view the key points in the architecture of the device for the desired results, sometimes even having a detriment of laboratory measurements.

With the introduction of Puccini Anniversary, product celebrating twenty years of our first product and then twenty years of our company activity, we have produced a decree that would mark a turning point in the history of Audio Analogue and would define the way for what will be the products of the future, created with the intention of giving the best sonic performances, but also technically very advanced. Products that will keep another tradition of Audio Analogue, the high quality/price ratio, but at the same time will have no compromise and every feature or functionality will be the maximum you can get for the type of product. Each new model will be designed and built for exactly what it must do, beautifully minimalist and targeted the objective of getting the most.

Maestro Anniversary Integrated Amplifier
Designed & Handcrafted in Italy

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Maestro Anniversary Dual-Mono Integrated Amplifier
Puccini Anniversary Dual-Mono Integrated Amplifier